December 17, 2020

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Bicycle ‘Code Violation’ Leads to Death of Dijon Kizzee by LASD

On Monday afternoon, 29-year old Dijon Kizzee was riding his bicycle in Southern Los Angeles when Los Angeles Sherrif’s Department attempted to stop him for a bicycle code violation. Dijon Kizzee panicked, punched one officer, and started fleeing. While running away, Dijon dropped his clothes, and in the process, a black semiautomatic handgun fell to the ground with the articles of clothing.

That’s when at least 2 officers began unloading their weapons; witnesses report at least twenty shots fired, which subsequently killed the suspect.

Sheriff’s investigators said the incident commenced around 3:16 p.m. near West 109th Place and Budlong Avenue when deputies tried to stop a man riding his bike for a code violation. Investigators said the man then took off running.

“During the contact, a fight ensued between the suspect and deputies.  The suspect produced a handgun and a deputy-involved “hit” shooting occurred.  The suspect’s handgun was recovered.  The suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene.


It’s unclear what the bicycle code violation was for; in California, bicycles are subject to all the provisions applicable to the driver of a vehicle; aside from not following traffic laws, a person riding a bicycle can also be targeted by law enforcement for riding under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Police issued pistols can carry up to 15 rounds of ammunition, the Glock 22, which is carried by 60-70% of American police officers according to some estimates, holds 15 rounds in a standard magazine.; after discharging their ammunition on the suspect, they proceeded to handcuff Dijon as he bled out on South Los Angeles’s streets.

Police then tried rendering life-saving remedies but were unsuccessful. Investigators said they obtained a handgun on the scene, they did not clarify why police shot the man, video recorded from witnesses’ cell phones don’t show the complete incident.

While witnesses state that police shot their weapons over twenty times, investigators remained mum on how many times Dijon was shot or where they struck him.

The shooting and death of Dijon Kizzee come at a turbulent time for the nation. His family asked the public for nonviolent protests; however, footage shared with social media showed peaceful protests occurring while at the same time, looters driving vehicles into a shoe store late Monday evening.

As protestors assembled, yet again in a fatal and what seems to be a continuous disparity in policing and race, LAPD took to Twitter to plead with protestors vandalizing police stations.