December 17, 2020

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Leaked Footage Shows Fotis Dulos Throwing Away Items From New Canaan Property

In a newly surfaced video footage, Fotis Dulos is seen with a female in New Canaan throwing away items before speeding off with the same female in a Kia with a Tennessee license plate.

The new footage shows Fotis Dulos throwing away items into a large rented trash receptacle, and the video was taken from his former Fore Group property in New Canaan. After items are thrown away, he drives away with the female who is believed to be his niece, the daughter of Rena Dulos.

The video was taken shortly after his initial first arrest, a source that took the video states the footage was taken on the same day that authorities reported his GPS device was offline due to a critically low battery; that incident was the focus of concern on later court dates in which a Judge scolded Dulos and his attorney for the ‘mishap.’

When the batteries on a GPS monitoring device run critically low, it makes it almost impossible to track the device or the intended individual by authorities responsible for such.

Fotis Dulos had another GPS monitoring incident after the battery issue. That incident showed him on GPS crossing over into New York; his legal counsel informed a Judge that the incident was due to GPS navigation app Waze redirecting him around traffic from New Canaan into the state of New York.

Fotis Dulos was the prime suspect in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos, CT law enforcement also arrested his alleged accomplice’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Troconis as well as a Kent Mawhinney who served as Dulos’ attorney prior to the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos.

Kent Mawhinney was also listed as an alibi in documents obtained by CT police, that ‘alibi script’ was later found to be fraudulent when Michelle Troconis confessed she made it up.

Over the past few months, Troconis has launched new social media accounts including Instagram, on those newly created accounts, Troconis continues posting in Spanish.

Fotis committed suicide at his Farmington home earlier this year in January. Kent Mawhinney remains behind bars and has been unable to post his 2 million dollar bond while Michelle Troconis posted bail and is free until her trial or a possible plea agreement. Recently her lawyer asked Connecticut courts to remove bail conditions, including GPS monitoring.

This ‘social media campaign’ took place after her new attorney raised concerns that Troconis doesn’t speak fluent English; in her last court appearance, a Spanish-speaking interpreter was assigned to Troconis.

The language barrier brought up by her attorney raises obvious legal questions and eyebrows from Connecticut residents, Troconis is shown in social media videos before her court appearance speaking English without issue; in addition, the ‘fake alibi script’ that was found by law enforcement in the Farmington home, was allegedly written by Michelle Troconis in perfectly written English.

In Connecticut the interpreter’s and translation services is a unit of the Superior Court Operations Division, those services are delivered to defendant’s at no expense to them, the cost for those services are passed on to Connecticut taxpayers.