December 17, 2020

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Massive Activision Hack Allegedly Jeopardizes Over 500,000 Call of Duty Players

According to reports and sources, more than 500,000 Activision user accounts may have been hacked with login data being exposed and compromised. In turn, that data has been released or leaked to ecosystems that exploit such data.

The eSports site Dexerto has reported that a data breach occurred on Sunday, September 20th. The logins used to access these accounts are, Dexerto said, being leaked openly, and account details changed to prevent easy recovery by the rightful owners.

Activision accounts are predominantly used by players of the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise.

“This is a substantial breach, in parts, the clean-up will be a large undertaking for Activision, we can only hope backups allow restoring original contact data, resetting access and managing the users who still cannot regain access which should be a smaller group.”

Martin Jartelius, CSO at Outpost24

Changing your password, if you still have access to your account, is vitally important. Equally important, is changing passwords at any other site or service (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc…) where you use the same password exploited on Activision servers. When changed, passwords should be long, complex, and include numbers, uppercase values, special characters (&, $ *, etc…).

If you need assistance with a strong password that will mitigate brute-force attacks or guessing, you can always use a password generator, similar to the one found here provided by LastPass.

It’s too early to say what caused this massive breach. We will likely have to wait for Activision to add some transparency on the root cause; regardless of how Activision was compromised, hacking ecosystems have increased their attacks during COVID. Users must maintain vigilance around cybersecurity and take measures to mitigate these types of attacks.

So what are you waiting for? Go change your password, right now.